1st European Young Breeders Day in Deauville

10.08 - 11.08.2013, Deauville

Nachwuchsorganisation des französischen Vollblut-Zuchtverbands lädt junge Galopp-Fans zum Get-Together an die Kanalküste ein

L'Asso des Jeunes Eleveurs (French Young Breeders Association) is excited to announce the creation of the first European Young Breeders Day on Saturday 10th August, during one of the best weekends racing at the Deauville racecourse, highlight of the summer with the legendary Prix Jacques Le Marois Gr.1 as well as numerous other high class races including the Prix de Pomone Gr.2.

In association with the FRBC, France Galop and the Syndicat des Eleveurs, L'Asso Jeunes Eleveurs is inviting its European counterparts, including the Irish Young ITBA, the British TBA Next Generation and the German Racing Next Generation amongst others, on 10th August in a unique opportunity to discover French racing for a day, the week end or more.
The day will feature the European Young Breeders Day with a buffet lunch at the Young Breeders Marquee 'Jardin des Balances', access to the parade ring, vouchers, and racecourse entries on both the Saturday (Prix de Pomone) and Sunday (Prix Jacques-le-Marois) for a fee of €15 per person.

More information will be available soon regarding accomodation (hotels or hosted by French Young breeders at their stud) and packages.

L'Asso des Jeunes Eleveurs

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